I have seen your majesty. people in Taiji palace saluted one after another.

Li Siyu took the initiative to go to the kitchen to help sister-in-law Lin cook, but didn\’t let her reach out. \”Sister-in-law, I can cook, too. I\’ll help you. Don\’t think I\’m clumsy.\” Hearing what she said, Mrs. Lin was embarrassed to refuse again. She had to help cut and wash the dishes. With the help of Li Siyu, the food was cooked quickly. In an hour, three dishes and one soup came out. Mrs. Lin was not stingy. All the three dishes were meat dishes, one braised meat, one stewed potato with ribs, fried cabbage and fungus with meat, and one egg soup. How many The meal was very harmonious. Li Siyu didn\’t feel embarrassed. He ate in a big way. If he was too polite, he didn\’t respect others. After all, she was the object of Lin Cheng and will be a family in the future. So Li Siyu had the cheek not to treat himself as an outsider. After dinner, Lin Cheng talked to Lin Yan for a while and the two left. Just now When he went out, he met a man of about 50. When Lin Cheng saw him, his face immediately cooled down, and Li Siyu noticed something wrong, but she didn\’t say anything, but honestly stood beside Lin Cheng. Lin Guoqiang looked at Lin Cheng, and his face was also very bad. \”When he came back, he didn\’t know to go home and have a look! Do you still have me as a father in your eyes?\” His tone was very angry, his face was a little ugly, and he stared at Lin Cheng with a bitter smile in his heart. Hearing his words, Lin Cheng sneered and said, \”do I have a home? Just have Lin Xuan to be your son, which shows me?\” Lin Guoqiang thought he was angry, so he sighed and said, \”you are all my sons. You can\’t say you don\’t go home because of a little thing?\” He always thought that it was normal for the two brothers to have some unhappiness, but there was no need to make it so ugly. Isn\’t it obvious to let outsiders see jokes? \”Apologize to Lin Xuan for what you did before. It should be regarded as never happened.\” Lin Guoqiang behaved very grandiosely and was a good father who was very considerate. Li Siyu also looked down on Lin Guoqiang\’s kind-hearted nature. How could they apologize or be a small matter when they got to this point? She didn\’t believe that Lin Guoqiang would be completely unaware of it, which was connivance. But it was Lin Cheng\’s family business, and she was not qualified He intervened too much, so he stood there without talking.


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