Later, he simply stopped caring about him. On the contrary, he was more comfortable. This man did not hate himself.

Peng lingman looked at her bitterly, \”it\’s really powerful. You cheated me. Do you think you\’ll hide it from us if you don\’t go to school?\” her angry face was ridiculed and ridiculed by Li Siyu so many times before. She was even too much than herself. \”Well, maybe?\” Li Siyu thought. \”Well, you really don\’t see that you are such a person!\” Peng lingman smiled and patted her on the shoulder. Li Siyu turned to the two humanitarians: \”let\’s eat first. It\’s time to be cold in a while.\” several people sat down one after another. Peng lingman and Liu Chengxue looked at them from time to time. I didn\’t expect that they would be together. It really surprised them. \”Officer Liu, in the future, you can bring the game directly to Lincheng, and you two can talk about it when it\’s time.\” Li Siyu suddenly remembered that he had gone so far, and Liu Chengxue hasn\’t settled here yet. Liu Chengxue looked at Lincheng and nodded. Since Li Siyu said, Lincheng would certainly buy it. When Lin Cheng heard the game for the first time, he looked at Li Siyu suspiciously, \”what game?\” \”Liu Gan can hunt at home and sell it to you at that time, okay?\” she was eating. She didn\’t want to say more about these things. It\’s the same later. When Lin Cheng saw her saying this, he nodded, \”OK, let Li Kang tell her that he cares about this.\” the two people said something misty, Peng lingman and they didn\’t understand. Anyway, it\’s all meat and vegetables. Li Siyu didn\’t care who took care of the matter. Someone took care of it, and she didn\’t say it again. After dinner, several people chatted for a while. \”When are you going to leave?\” Peng lingman saw that she had explained almost everything here. It was estimated that she was going to leave. Li Siyu thought for a moment. Things here are almost handled. \”In two days, I won\’t go to work from tomorrow, and team leader Zhou also said it.\” \”so soon.\” Liu Chengxue was depressed, and the three of them came close in the office. After all, men and women are different. Other gay men don\’t want to go too close. Peng lingman was very open. \”There is no feast that never ends. Separation is for better gathering.\” \”Secretary Peng can.\” Li Siyu smiled and looked at her. He was quite emotional.


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