Seeing this, Empress Dowager Yang nodded with satisfaction.

\”I\’m just a little awkward. I wanted to give this manuscript to Vice Mayor Cao. I didn\’t expect that the new secretary Li\’s writing was so good and had better ideas than me.\” Secretary Qiu sighed. He was too tangled about it. Xing Chen also saw the article mentioned by Secretary Qiu. I have to say that Secretary Li does have two brushes. The ideas in the article are not complete. It is obvious to think of a head and let others take the initiative to find her. This woman is really thoughtful. I didn\’t expect to have such a means at such a young age. I really underestimated her before. Looking at Secretary Qiu\’s absence, Xing Chen was depressed and said, \”there are still a lot of things to be busy next. You just have too many distractions. Seize the time to see the next work.\” Secretary Qiu nodded, looked at his watch and said, \”go back.\” when they walked back from the garden, they happened to meet Li Siyu back to the dormitory. This is the only way back to the dormitory, so I met you. Li Siyu was stunned when he saw the two people, but immediately smiled and said hello. \”Secretary Qiu, Secretary Xing.\” Xing Chen looked at the girl who said hello as if nothing had happened and sneered in his heart. He was really interesting. Secretary Qiu nodded, \”well, go back from work and have work tomorrow.\” Li Siyu looked at the back of the two people and went back thoughtfully. Looking at Secretary Qiu\’s expression, he was enlightened. That Xing Chen is not an ordinary person, but it has nothing to do with her. Neither of them is in the same office. Don\’t care about him. In the next two days, Li Siyu finally waited for the summons of Vice Mayor Cao. Secretary Qiu no longer tangled with this matter, and asked Li Siyu to go to the vice mayor\’s office. Li Siyu took the document and went all the way to the vice mayor\’s office. \”Dang Dang\” \”come in.\” Li Siyu opened the door and went in. He saw Vice Mayor Cao sitting in a chair and looking at her. With a smile on her face, she entered the office and walked across from Vice Mayor Cao.


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