Raised his head, his clear eyes were also bright, a look of great sincerity.

\”Oh.\” Li Chengcai always listened to his sister-in-law, so he didn\’t ask any more questions. Back home, Li Siyu saw the old lady sitting in the yard listening to the radio, with a man sitting next to her. \”Why are you here?\” the man was Lin Cheng, who had disappeared for nearly a month. This girl thought she disappeared and was abducted? Lin Cheng looked at Li Siyu with a smile. \”I just came back from a business trip.\” he wanted to talk and stopped. Li Siyu noticed. \”Come in and talk.\” she wondered if Lin Cheng had something important to say. Lin Cheng was stunned, \”ah? Oh.\” he immediately followed Li Siyu into the house. Li Siyu sat on the chair and asked, \”what\’s the matter? I saw you don\’t twist just now?\” Lin Cheng\’s face was slightly red. \”I, I just want to say I miss you.\” there were so many people just now. How did he say it? It was awkward not to say it. Li Siyu: (??) MA egg! I thought you had something important to say. I missed you all day? Seeing that she didn\’t speak, Lin Cheng said, \”why don\’t you speak?\” was he angry? He also felt that it was a little bad to call him alone for this matter. He can whisper before he leaves. Li Siyu looked at him expressionless. \”It\’s all right.\” \”by the way.\” Li Siyu thought of the passbook and some tickets he gave before he left, and took them out of his pocket. \”This is what you gave me that day. Why did you give me money!\” Li Siyu was a little angry. The man gave her money at every turn. Did she look very short of money? Lin Cheng knew that Li Siyu would give it to him because he was afraid to give it back to him.


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