Shen Zong was visiting at this time. He happened to see the scolding mother Chen coming here. He couldn\’t help asking, who is this?

He had really died before, but such a thing happened in an instant, which he couldn\’t imagine. Fang Yang saved himself? He looked up suspiciously and saw Fang Yang. Fang Yang looked at him with a cold face: \”do you remember Wen Ruo Huo?\” \”he?\” Sima Xiangshan snorted coldly, \”remember, don\’t remember, anyway, they are all my losers. When I beat him with the martial arts he taught, he has no value.\” \”Really? But the person you despise, before he died, he asked me to spare your life one day.\” Fang Yang looked at him coldly. Sima Xiangshan\’s face changed slightly, immediately returned to normal, and a ferocity appeared on his face. \”He? That old loser! Ha ha, Fang Yang, you\’re asking for your own death. If you killed me before, you\’ll forget it. Now you dare to let me live. Do you think I\’ll appreciate you? I\’ll hate you even more! Now that I\’m on guard, it\’s not easy for you to kill me! Once I recover, I\’ll take revenge! Even if I can\’t kill you, I\’ll kill the people next to you Kill people one by one, I want you to live in pain forever!! \”Sima Xiangshan roared, and his voice revealed his ruthlessness and determination. Looking at him, he really didn\’t have any gratitude and compassion, and his killing intention was filled with. Fang Yang frowned and looked at Sima Xiangshan who made cruel words, but his face didn\’t change. \”Oh? Do you think you can?\” Fang Yang said faintly. \”You dare to look down on me! I\’ll make you pay the price!\” Sima Xiangshan roared. He was about to rush forward, but the dragon power in his body had not completely spread, but suddenly stagnated. His expression changed instantly, and his face was bloodless for a moment. Sima Xiangshan opened his mouth, but he found that he couldn\’t make a sound. He could only make a meaningless sound in his throat. At this time, Sima Xiangshan only felt a faint sound in his body It\’s hot. It\’s like a long snake swimming in the body. The next moment. Hoo! The surging fire surged out in an instant and swallowed simaxiang mountain in one breath. \”Ah!\”


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