Miss is just right. She has a slim figure. If she is thin, it\’s not good. After all, her mother always thinks it\’s bad to be too thin, which makes Dong\’Er deeply think so.

Fang Yang was overjoyed. The reflection of the black dragon\’s blood also means that the black dragon\’s blood is really effective! Because of this idea, Fang Yang decisively entered the black pool and approached the location of the black well. Under the perception of Fang Yang\’s spirit, the black well is the source of all evil spirits. Although it is difficult to see with the naked eye, in fact, Kobe can clearly \”see\” the violent black fog surging above. It\’s hard to make the black dragon\’s blood ineffective with the idle evil spirit. In that case, it\’s hard! A touch of firmness appeared in Fang Yang\’s eyes, then he raised his body and fell directly towards the black well. As soon as he appeared over Heijing, he just felt that there was a huge storm coming in front of him, swirling, filled with black fog and cold breath. He rushed into Fang Yang\’s body in all directions. Countless ghosts and wolves howled in his ears, making people like falling into the underworld. The black well is like a special plane entrance. When Fang Yang stood on it, he could only see the darkness around, and the outside scene could not be seen clearly. As soon as he gritted his teeth, he stuck to the violent black gas under his body and fell straight down to the depths of the black well. The more it falls towards the lower part of the black well, the greater the wind force it bears. It is cold and cold all around. All the scenes have disappeared. Under the perception of Fang Yang, it is not only the gas of evil spirits, but also the gas of evil spirits. At the beginning, the evil spirit Qi was still stable. Look, as he gradually fell, the evil spirit Qi began to breed an unconscious evil spirit. The evil spirit danced around Fang Yang, and then ate Fang Yang\’s body. There was a succession of bangs. Fang Yang is protected by pure Yang Xuanqi, and the big sun mask is suspended outside. With the help of the restraint of pure Yang Xuanqi on the power of yin and evil, he can well resist the collision of these evil spirits. The pure Yang Xuanqi in his body is extremely abundant, and there will be absolutely nothing in a short time. On the contrary, it was this evil spirit that quickly annihilated in Fang Yang\’s pure Yang Xuan Qi under such a collision. Unknowingly, I don\’t know how long it took. Even Fang Yang had blurred the concept of time. When he stepped on his feet, Fang Yang had stood at the bottom of the black well. Chapter 774 when Fang Yang fell to the ground, he sat down cross legged. Then, he began to spread the big sun cover on the body surface. Fang Yang didn\’t come down to resist the evil spirit gas. On the contrary, he needed the evil spirit gas to fight with the black dragon\’s blood, so as to destroy the shackles of the black dragon\’s blood! Taking the initiative to introduce evil spirit Qi into the body is an extremely dangerous behavior, but Fang Yang can\’t care about anything now. Just as the big sun cover on Fang Yang\’s body surface had just dispersed, the evil spirit Qi that had been wrapped around Fang Yang immediately became great. Fang Yang is like a huge bait. The evil spirit swarming around him is the same as a shark. Swarmed over and swallowed up one after another. Wheezing. The sound continued, and the evil spirit gas gnawed on Fang Yang\’s body, as if to devour him. Under the action of the continuous evil spirit gas, Fang Yang\’s body trembled and his whole body felt unbearable. Without the protection of the sun mask, the evil spirit also drilled into Fang Yang\’s body.


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