Hearing the speech, Shen Ling was shocked and immediately said, this is the kindness of the Empress Dowager. How can I let your majesty have a look.

The dragon soul was fierce. After suppressing the spirit of Xin Guihua, it just wanted to devour it. Suddenly, it felt that the spirit of a stranger like Fang Yang was provoked. It was angry immediately and attacked without politeness. \”Such a remnant soul, dare to shout with me.\” Fang Yang gave a loud cry, and the Dragon Spirit swimming in the sea was touched and appeared in an instant. The dragon spirit appeared and the Dragon Power shook. A more violent dragon roar came back. Under the pressure of the roar, the incomplete dragon soul trembled slightly and contracted quickly, and did not dare to do any more. Then Fang Yang blessed the spirit of Xin ghost flower with his own spirit, and did not hesitate to spend his soul power to enhance it He keeps a relative balance with the dragon soul. In this process, the spirit of Xin Guihua intersects with the dragon soul and merges safely. Chapter 714 the sword breaks the keel. Fang Yangchang breathes a sigh of relief and retreats his spirit. In this short tea time, the use of the spirit will consume him a lot, even with Fang Yangshen The strength of the soul is inevitably exhausted at this time. However, there is no danger to see the perfect integration of the spirit of Xin Guihua and the dragon spirit. No matter how much the spirit of Fang Yang is lost, it is worth it. With the last dragon force integrated into the spirit of Xin Guihua, his body softened and fainted immediately, but it is also obvious that there is a touch of dragon all over his body The strength of Xin Guihua must be greatly improved without saying anything else. Hong Nanxing was stunned while watching. This is also the experiment of dragon soul marriage body, which is the most key project in their dragon soul hall. Once the experiment is successful and a large number of martial artists with dragon soul are obtained, their strength will increase greatly, but they have the capital that is directly hostile to the Longyuan Dynasty It\’s just that there are a lot of experiments in this project, but most martial artists can\’t bear the dragon soul. They are swallowed up by the dragon soul, either the spirit dies or the flesh explodes. Therefore, when they know that Fang Yang\’s friend was sent here for experiments, Hong Nanxing has no hope at first. Unexpectedly, Fang Yang has helped him integrate the dragon soul with his own efforts. It seems that he has succeeded It\’s very simple. In fact, Hong Nanxing knows how mysterious and difficult the doorway is. First of all, the soul of the person who takes the shot is not afraid of the threat of the dragon soul. The mighty dragon power is the embodiment of the status of the dragon race. This is not something you can make up for with your strong strength. The threat between species exists in the flesh and blood. Once the spirit is lost under the influence of the dragon power, it\’s not only It can\’t help, but it\’s easy to take in their own gods and souls. People who can not fear the dragon power must also have strong dragon power. This kind of dragon power is different from the blessed dragon power in the dragon card, but it should be their own thing. Secondly, their own use of gods and souls should reach a very high level, be familiar with and control gods and souls, and grasp the measurement At just the right level.


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