Suddenly, Du Ling saw Shen Ling and them, isn\’t this mother Chen? Why is she still carrying a woman?

The dark emperor is the source of great evil. He can swallow the evil Qi between heaven and earth by himself. Previously, he had the protection of the yin-yang array and can block it for a few points. Under the attack of the previous emperor, the yin-yang array has long been turned into nothing. Therefore, the dark emperor has no difficulty in absorbing the evil Qi around him. Under the circulation of evil Qi, the emperor\’s body is directly shrouded by layers of black clouds. The dark clouds are full of evil Qi. After wrapping the body, they move quickly. Under this movement, the emperor\’s body turns into a magnificent virtual shadow. The virtual shadow was dark and full of shadow. It was condensed by pure black awn. Once it appeared, the strong wind swept over the vast sea, and the black cloud above his head became more and more low. The evil phase of the Ming emperor, the incarnation of the noumenon! The black figure standing between heaven and earth can be seen clearly even across a hundred miles. Standing on the vast sea, the water of the vast sea under me is turned into a turbulent current, swirling masterpiece, and the world is dark. Such a scene is like the end of the day, as if there was no place to live between heaven and earth as soon as the great evil came out. \”Death!\” the word burst out, his voice hoarse and trembling, echoing between heaven and earth. Then he waved his big hand and pressed down in front of Fang Yang. Before touching Fang Yang\’s body, Fang Yang could feel a cold air coming towards him, and the place he passed was almost frozen into his spirit. The rumble of silence continued. The waves of the vast sea around Fang Yang have been roaring and cracking, setting off huge waves. The splashing water also obscures Fang Yang\’s sight. The power of the palm of the virtual shadow seems to devour all things. Once shrouded by evil Qi, it will devour the spirit and fall into the boundless darkness. Under such a situation, Fang Yang\’s eyes were bright and loud. Then he faced the dark shadow covered, his palm did not dodge, and stepped out step by step. At this step, Fang Yang\’s body suddenly ripple like a water wave, and then his body suddenly rose up. In a twinkling of an eye, Fang Yang had changed into a ten Zhang body shape. He was dressed in a yin-yang robe, white on one side and black on the other. Yin and Yang flowed in black and white. Fang Yang floated into the immortal. He had a warm face and held the nine palace sword. If you look carefully, you can see that there were countless different sword shadows floating on the nine palace sword. The sword shadows gathered and tightly twisted into a sharp sword, sharp and high spirited. A magnificent and long-standing Qi emerged from Fang Yang\’s body. Even if he hasn\’t done it yet, in the eyes of the public, he just feels that his whole body contains boundless surging Qi, stands tall and gives people a shock in the bottom of his heart. \”Is this the FA Xiang of Fang Yang?\” situ Mu murmured to himself. The breath revealed from this magnificent body shape is definitely not Fang Yang itself. Only the Dharma phase related to his own martial arts and condensed by the spirit has such a breath. He finally condensed the Dharma phase!


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