For a moment, she was also a little flustered, so she drank a cup of tea in front of her.

Feeling the penetration of this sword spirit, the thousand faced demon fox, who has been quiet all the time, has changed his complexion and is flustered. How could he find out? The thousand faced demon fox in the mouth of evil hunger here is not her body, but her own spirit. The thousand faced demon fox brings evil hunger to this place and lets him fight in the crowd. It doesn\’t care about anything. She knows He has the weakness of evil hunger. As long as the weakness is not broken, there is almost no solution to evil hunger. Therefore, he specially left his own spirit to occupy the life gate and guard evil hunger. No matter who detects the weakness of evil hunger, he can insight into the hearts of the people. With the art of change, he can become a person who is regretting in the other party\’s heart. When the other party\’s mind is relaxed, he will seize the opportunity and be easy to kill. However I didn\’t expect that the person who came was Fang Yang, and I didn\’t expect that he had seen through his duty. The spirit left by the thousand faced demon fox basically had no combat ability except the art of change. Since he had been found, he decided to flee here immediately. As long as he could protect the life gate of love, evil and hunger, he couldn\’t break open, he couldn\’t leave the belly of evil and hunger, and he would be in this array sooner or later She just had to spend time with Fang Yang. Thinking of this, the thousand faced evil Fox also fled decisively. \”Do you think I didn\’t have any preparation after taking you for so long?\” Looking at her movements, Fang Yang said calmly. The purple broken sword Qi followed her body and burst through the darkness. As soon as the demon fox stepped on, his body turned into misty smoke. He escaped this move, and then wanted to escape Fang Yang\’s lock directly by virtue of his appearance at this time. At this time, Fang Yang just took a step forward. In the originally empty darkness, countless explosions suddenly broke out The light of the sword came. The light of the sword was bright, shining all around. There were at least more than ten sword blades, which went directly to the demon fox. \”Sword array? When did you list it!\” The thousand faced evil fox was shocked. Unconsciously, she had fallen into Fang Yang\’s sword array. Fang Yang took the nine palace sword in his hand as the core, controlled more than ten sword lights around the thousand faced evil fox, and said, \”I found you so early. The reason why I haven\’t pierced it is to prepare to weave the net and let you have nowhere to escape! Die here!\” The sword light of the nine palaces was flowing, and the more than ten sword lights were also flying. With the control of the spirit of Fang Yang, the sword light was diffuse and could not move away from the key of the thousand faced evil fox. The thousand faced evil fox was frightened and howled and ran away desperately, but she had nowhere to hide in the sword array. She barely escaped the attack of three sword lights, but was penetrated by the following sword lights. One sword light penetrated her body After that, the body of the thousand faced demon fox was shocked, and then it evaporated like a cloud. \”I won\’t let you go! Little bastard! I remember you!\” the sword light strangled, the thousand faced demon fox couldn\’t resist immediately, and the body also disappeared slowly in the howling of resentment.


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