Li Siyu has more important things now.

There was a buzzing discussion in the crowd. Leighton, the divine fist, was famous and extremely ferocious. He had been wandering in the netherworld passage for so long that countless people were killed by his fist. With his reputation and prestige, there were hundreds of real people who could not be compared with ordinary martial artists. At this time, I saw him come with his own eyes and made it clear that the comer was not good, and the crowd was also excited and noisy. Luo Xiaoyan frowned His head was tight and his face was slightly heavy. \”Dad, is this person strong?\” Luo Xiaoyu asked. Luo Xiaoyan nodded slightly: \”Leighton, the divine fist, has a good reputation and is not weak. The most important thing is that he is good at bloody warfare. He once slaughtered a group within the top 100 of the Tianxuan list with his own strength. This time he came here, he must think of the hatred of being squeezed out of the top 100. I\’m afraid he can\’t be good.\” \”Who is he better than Fang Yang?\” Luo Sheng, who has been silent, also said. Luo smiled and hesitated: \”it\’s hard to say. Although Fang Yang\’s ranking is much higher than Leighton, I haven\’t seen the real combat power. And Leighton, the divine fist, has rich experience and strong combat power. Fang Yang is still so young.\” Although he didn\’t give a definite answer, it can be seen from the meaning vaguely revealed in his words that he was not very optimistic about Fang Yang. After all, Shenquan Leidun has become famous for so many years, even Luo Xiaoyan himself didn\’t dare to underestimate it. Hearing Luo Xiaoyan\’s words, Luo Sheng also stared with big fists and clenched his fists in front of him. Wait to fight together and get married If he does, he will know. Fang Yang is silent and looks at Leighton quietly. Leighton, the divine fist, naturally knows who he is. He is a hundred real experts. Although his ranking falls at this time, his strength does not decrease, that is, he is like fighting with a hundred martial artists. This person is the strongest expert Fang Yang meets alone. He just scattered from each other Fang Yang felt heavy with the breath. The mysterious Qi on Leighton\’s body was many times stronger than Zhao Minghu and Dong Hai. \”You are Fang Yang?\” Leighton stared at Fang Yang coldly with fierce eyes, then grinned and killed, \”I\’ve been looking for you for a long time, and finally saw you here!\” Fang Yang said nothing. \”No. 93 in the Dragon list, you are such a weak boy? Hum, I don\’t know what wind the divine calculation has taken! But anyway, let me take back the hundred titles you took from me now! Don\’t blame me, blame yourself for getting what shouldn\’t be yours!\”


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