Does secretary Tao have time recently?

Boom! The black water collided with the black dark air, resulting in large fluctuations. The black land under your feet exploded one after another. Where the black water in the mouth of the black poison water dragon passed, the land dissolved rapidly. \”All attacks of the black poison water dragon contain poison. Swallow the antidote pill first! Then kill!\” roared Li jackal. The people in the wolf tooth regiment are extremely experienced. Hearing the speech, they quickly swallowed several antidote pills to protect themselves, and then scattered to form a encirclement array, approaching the black poison water dragon. \”You too!\” Li jackal yelled at Shijing and others. Stone path several people can only rush up reluctantly. If they fight to death, they still have a chance to kill this black poisonous water dragon! Now there is only one black poison water dragon, and half of the body is deep in the pool, but the best chance to kill is that everyone doesn\’t go all out. Li jackal was the first to bear the brunt. His cultivation was the highest. He rushed forward with a wolf hammer in his hand. His hands waved. The shadow of the wolf hammer roared and turned into a wolf head. His strength fell on the black poisonous water dragon. The two sides fought and the momentum fluctuated. Around the pool, the people of the wolf tooth group have lined up in turn to synthesize the wolf tooth array. The dark Qi is compatible. It can be seen that only more than 90 people condense into a real wolf body. With a roar, they nibble at the black poisonous water dragon. The Dharma array formed by more than 90 martial artists in the early Yang environment is still extremely strong. Under the suppression of the evil wolf\’s virtual shadow, the attacks of the black poison water dragon are reduced. Coupled with the mysterious attack of everyone in the stone path group, he swept the array aside. Therefore, although the black poison water dragon is a kind of dragon, it has only one head at this time. Under the siege of so many martial artists in the early Yang realm, it also falls to the disadvantage. Li jackal was happy and worked harder to attack. Killing a black poisonous water dragon first is a big profit! While everyone\’s mind was on the black poisonous water dragon, Fang Yang was still looking for the whereabouts of the nine petal ink jade lotus around the pool. Nine petal ink jade lotus is born with water. There is no better place for it to grow than here. It should exist here. There is such an idea, so Fang Yang didn\’t stop looking for it. When Fang Yang looked around, the battle over there had stabilized the scene. Even if the black poison water dragon was strong, it was still a big demon in the early Yang realm. It was enough to kill ordinary martial arts. However, with the tacit understanding of the upper wolf tooth regiment, I didn\’t know how many kinds of big demon groups had been killed. In addition, there was only one end, which was in danger under the attack of the people. \”Why is there only one end?\” Fang Yang frowned. Isn\’t this five dragon pond? There should be five dragon species. Are the other dragon species still sleeping?


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