Li Siyu stood at the door of the hospital with his waist in his breath. When he saw that this girl was injured again, he must go up and make up for it!

\”Kill them and force Fang Yang out!\” \”kill them!\” \”as long as you kill them here, how long can the thief who doesn\’t believe Fang Yang be proud of it!\” \”you can\’t kill Fang Yang and let the people around him survive safely.\” in the roar of the crowd, the people of Shenxiao sword sect, Chunyang Zhenzong, Wuji mountain sect, Yinquan ghost sect and niansheng sect all started together, and the mysterious Qi erupted, Instantly enveloped the three. Xin Guihua was about to rush forward to check sun Manzi\’s situation. At this time, he saw the people\’s hands, immediately shouted angrily and said, \”if you want to die, just come up!\” under his cold drink, he didn\’t care about the hiding of his own strength. He saw the dark green air flowing around Xin Guihua and quickly scattered all over the ground, which was originally empty, With the spread of the mysterious Qi of wood attribute on him, countless plants grew in large areas. The originally empty hall suddenly turned into a dense forest sea, with shrubs and vines. Xin GUI used all his means in one breath, whether swallowing Xuanqi or with toxin, and attacked the people around him indiscriminately. There was a cry of surprise among the crowd. When he threw his hand, he brought great trouble to the martial artists. The wood planting method of Xin ghost flower is best at group warfare. It can create chaos and kill some people with low accomplishments. Under the entanglement of his vines, any martial artist who is caught, as long as his cultivation level does not reach the level of the early Yang state, will instantly dry up his dark Qi and have no combat power. Some people at the level of early Yang will also be greatly reduced and less threatening because of the toxic effect on the vines. Of course, for some people who really have strength, it still doesn\’t play much role. \”Hum, little skill of carving insects! This thing can\’t be cut with a sharp blade, but burned with fire! It\’s up to you, Chunyang Zhenzong.\” Ma Youshen opened his heart between his eyebrows and heart. When he swept it, he had insight into his heart and said. The people of Shenxiao sword sect immediately took back the blade. Shang Wen\’an burst into a drink, and Taiyuan God\’s fire palm came to his face. Hoo! Burning by fire, under the action of pure Yang and dark Qi from the beginning to the sun, the plants filled with Xingui flowers are also burned rapidly and sharply reduced. As long as there is no wood Qi left, it is not enough to regenerate these plants. \”It\’s enough to reduce some weak ones.\” Tang still drank a little, moved and rushed among the disciples of Chunyang Zhenzong. She was wearing a bright red dress with gold lace. Her figure was ethereal. At this time, her graceful figure began to rotate rapidly among the falling crowd. During the rotation, the mysterious Qi of metal and fire properties of the whole body diffuses and faintly turns into two long sleeves. Between the sleeve dances, Tang\’s figure is still ethereal and gorgeous. She was like a fire fairy falling into the earth on the nine days, burning and dazzling. The disciples around looked at her dance and couldn\’t help looking stunned. At this time, Tang\’s means still broke out.


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