Because it wasn\’t very warm, they didn\’t talk. They were afraid of cold wind pouring into their stomachs for a while. They had a stomachache after eating.

Fang Yang stumbled and nearly fell. When he straightened up again, he found that he had come to a different mountain. \”Here is our Chunyang true family?\” \”we finally came back!\” The disciples around were also surprised one by one. They looked around. When they saw the six familiar peaks of Chunyang Zhenzong on the side, they all looked very happy and felt alive at the risk of death. They were extremely excited. \”You go to the main peak with me!\” Gu Kang glanced at Fang Yang coldly, lifted him up and took him to Chunyang peak. Monk Wen\’an of Mohe followed him, and the figure of the four disappeared quickly. Feng Wuji was worried, but he was not qualified to go to the main peak, but who knows what would happen to Fang Yang when he was brought to the main peak? Wang Wu moved and said One sentence: \”I\’ll go and see. I\’ll help Fang Yang intercede!\” although he is not in a high position, he is also a core disciple. It\’s nothing to follow him into the main hall. Feng Wuji and Feng Xiaojiu can only watch all this and silently pray for Fang Yang. In the main hall, Gu Kang takes Fang Yang directly, throws Fang Yang in front of him and kneels on his knees: \”Inform the sect leader that we are back.\” in the originally empty hall, there was a sudden flash of light. At the top seat, a golden awn covered body floated out, and the voice spread thickly: \”what\’s the situation?\” \”among the 100 genuine disciples of Chunyang, 43 and 20 disciples of chuyang came back, and nine were lost, including two core disciples.\” Gu Kang said, \”HMM.\” the patriarch answered calmly, and then looked at Fang Yang, \”what\’s the matter with this man?\” \”this is another thing I want to report. I was surprised to learn that this man\’s identity is Fang Yang, who is wanted on the list of the Longyuan dynasty! He hid his identity and sneaked into our Chunyang sect. It must be a conspiracy!\” Gu Kang said in a deep voice. \”Fang Yang?\” The patriarch looked at Fang Yang carefully with some doubt in his tone. Fang Yang only felt that a torch like light was projected on his body, and his whole body was seen through in an instant. He could not help but freeze his body and cold all over. \”Very exquisite pure Yang Xuanqi, a little interesting.\” the patriarch\’s voice was still flat. \”Ask the patriarch for instructions!\” \”Wait a minute, I\’ll call all the elders.\” the patriarch was silent, but he saw a few mysterious Qi in his hand flying out. In a moment, several lights surged in succession, and the other eight elders of the inner mountain appeared in the hall.


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