They went inside and the door was opened. A girl in a bright yellow coat came in and saw that both of them were looking at her. Bai Leng walked into another room.

\”The four magic clouds have been opened. Lord, you can use this sword now.\” Qin Chuan said. Fang Yang grasped the stone sword with one hand. When Fang Yang\’s palm touched the stone sword, a strong sword idea suddenly penetrated from it. It generally flowed between Fang Yang\’s right arm. He saw blood stains all over his arm. After a while, he was swept out of wounds by the sword idea. He clenched his teeth, and the mysterious Qi in the inner house surged, matching himself The sword was intent on the sword and wound away. The blood spilled and the red color flowed on the stone sword. It vaguely contacted and blended with the green awn, making the stone sword more bright. \”Hmm? What? A mysterious soldier?\” black teeth saw it and sneered, \”do you think that with a mysterious soldier, you can stop so many of us!\” He roared angrily and waved the black flag in his hand. He saw the Yin coming in and the black fog rolling out. Together with more than 300 martial artists around him, he had rushed to Fang Yang\’s head. Once they all pressed down, the explosion of the dark Qi was a thunderous trend, which was hard to resist. Fang Yang looked up at the people quietly. The four Dharma clouds were in his hand, and Fang Yang found himself His mind suddenly calmed down completely, his blood melted into the stone sword, and his own soul seemed to have been connected with the stone sword. Fang Yang looked at the scene of hundreds of people rushing, which should be a magnificent scene, but Fang Yang only had a word in his mind. No matter how many martial artists there are and how powerful they are, it doesn\’t matter to Fang Yang Bring any oppressive force. The stone sword is in his hand, and Fang Yang seems to have the power to cut the world. He looks gentle and gentle until the group of martial artists are about to rush in front of him. He slowly raises his hand and then gently waves it to the people. The seemingly flat and faint sword is waved, but the blue light on the stone sword immediately leaves the blade. Wow. The huge green mans sword is like opening the gate Hong general quickly poured out from the stone sword and turned it into a dozens of Zhang long sword Qi. From Fang Yang\’s right hand, he rushed into the sky. The green awn cracked in the distance. The blue sword Qi was directly torn out of the blue sky. It was like the mouth of a great beast, swallowing these warriors one by one. Originally, it was awe inspiring and confident When they were involved in the blue sword Qi, they screamed. Whenever the blue sword Qi passed, all martial artists could not resist it. Their armor broke and their dark Qi collapsed. No matter how powerful the attack was, they would be swallowed up by the sword. \”What is this? Don\’t!\” Black tooth quickly noticed the scene around him because he rushed in front of the people, but when he saw the blue light surging, he tried to wave the black flag in his hand. Only under the blue light, the good ancient xuanbing collapsed in an instant, and the green light ran over him in an instant.


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