The old lady, Zhang Quanfa, will no longer belong to our mine after work.

However, flying monsters are rare. In addition, they are difficult to be controlled by martial artists. There are only a few people who can have them. They have to gallop for a long time before they go. Therefore, flying monsters are valued by Huang Ning. It happened that on the grey finch mountain, the black finch could control a whole team of dozens of grey finches, which naturally made Huang Ning excited. No matter what the result this time, he had to take these grey finches back! It\’s best to catch them alive together with the black finches. After all, only the black finches can successfully control dozens of gray finches. The black finch rides on the grey Finch, and the grey feathers run through it one after another. Zhuang Yisha waved his hands and swept his claw strength. The sound of repeated attacks rang out continuously. Although the black Finch, with the help of the gray feather Finch, was very fast and took the absolute advantage from top to bottom, it could not stand Zhuang Yisha\’s strong cultivation and could not attack it for a long time. Over time, Zhuang Yisha became impatient. He glanced sideways at Huang Ning, who was cold-blooded over there. Fearing that he might get the impression that he was \”incompetent in handling affairs\”, he immediately gritted his teeth and said in a shrill voice, \”I think how long you can fly!\” don\’t you! If you go to the array, I don\’t believe that acorn can watch her people die in the gray sparrow mountain! \”\” OK! \”Zhuang biesheng said with a frozen face, He was as like as two peas in the same direction. Huang Ning glanced at him and said calmly, \”go help him.\” the fifty Kongming martial artists behind him didn\’t say a word and rushed out immediately. Zhuang bien was overjoyed. If he rushed forward alone, he really felt a little weak, but if you add these 50 martial artists in the empty and dark world, it would be absolutely no problem! \”Zhuang BIE, you are inferior to pigs and dogs. I\’ll kill you!\” \”what about the black tooth group? It\’s a big deal to change their lives!\” the people were furious when they saw that Zhuang BIE led outsiders to kill them. In the Guya mountains, the most taboo is to betray the enemy. Once such a person\’s reputation is publicized, he is doomed to have no good fruit to eat. Seeing the people of Zhuang biexing rush up, they also clenched their teeth and met them without flinching. If you want to kill them, you have to weigh your power! On the grey sparrow mountain, the dark air surged, the light was gorgeous, and the sound of roar and shock echoed. Seeing the fierce battle over there, Zhuang Yisha also looked ferocious: \”it\’s time to end!\” he shook his wrist, whizzed two black whip shadows out, went very fast, and entangled the flying gray feather finch with lightning speed. \”Chirp!\” the grey finch screamed and struggled desperately, but his wings trembled, but he couldn\’t break free.


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