It\’s just an extra meal today. The spare ribs left last night and the scrambled tomatoes and eggs this morning.

\”Do you want us to go straight ahead?\” Fang Yang looked up. The fuzzy green stone road outside the stone tablet was very clear when he entered it. When he looked at it, the green stone shop went straight into the blue sky and hidden in the clouds. \”If I guess right, it is the core of the cave on the top of the mountain.\” Fang Yang said. \”The demons of the Hehuan sect must also be up there! Let\’s hurry!\” Meng Qianxue said. \”OK.\” Fang Yang replied, \”but it\’s obviously extraordinary in this Qingyun road. There will be all kinds of dangerous situations on the road. You\’ll be closer to me later. Pay attention.\” After saying that, the two climbed towards the mountain road. Before walking out of 20 steps, Fang Yang found something wrong. Now he has begun to gasp. Meng Qianxue beside him is unbearable. His pretty face is dripping with sweat, which is obviously a sign of exhaustion. \”Is this step strange?\” Fang Yang\’s face sank. At first, he didn\’t notice it, but now he thinks that no matter how to raise Fang Yang\’s current physique, he can\’t feel a little tired after more than 20 steps. Although Meng Qianxue hasn\’t trained his physique, he is also a martial artist at the peak of concentration. Fang Yang stops, his soul power runs around, and then he knows. \”So it is.\” He said to Meng Qianxue, \”although the Xuanqi is extremely strong here, which is a good place for cultivation, but also because the Xuanqi is too strong, its own Xuanqi doesn\’t run smoothly, and the burden on the body increases. So it\’s easy to get tired.\” Meng Qianxue nodded suddenly. \”Tut, I feel more and more that the master of the cave is really powerful. Such a common green stone road contains such dangers. People who don\’t know about it will feel blocked by Xuanqi and greatly reduce their physical strength when they walk on this step for a while. At that time, they can\’t cope with the danger.\” Fang Yang said, and he was also slightly frightened. Fortunately, he found it very quickly and didn\’t encounter danger now. Otherwise, even if he had many means, he couldn\’t deal with it without Xuanqi. \”Although it\’s difficult to move forward, it\’s also a kind of experience. If you go up more than a thousand steps on this step, it\’s good for both the use of Xuanqi and physical fitness.\” Fang Yang said, \”let\’s move forward slowly next. It\’s best to keep our state at more than 80%. In this way, although the speed will be very slow, it will also be safe.\” Meng Qianxue naturally agreed. So the two walked side by side, and no one caught up with them after walking for a long time. Fang Yang was curious. It was clear that the four guards of Hunyuan mansion were behind them. Were they so slow? Fang Yang didn\’t know. In fact, there were five Qingyun mountain roads, and a group of people were randomly assigned to one of them every time, unless it was a middle Festival Points will come together, otherwise they will go alone all the time.


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