There is also Li Changguang, director of a garment factory.

\”I\’ll help you too.\” \”it\’s no use. The energy in his body is too powerful. Without the suppression of my will in the period of concentration, he can\’t shake half a cent of the energy in his body.\” the person in charge said in a condensing voice. \”Now he can only wake up and let him use his own skill to suppress the energy in his body.\” \”why did he faint?\” \”I just checked. It seems that Fang Yang is overdrawn by the power of soul.\” the man said seriously. \”Brother, don\’t you have a bottle there?\” \”No, Tianqiong soul slurry is too precious. How can we give it to him casually? Moreover, he and we are not friends. That\’s what I bought with my life. It\’s what I\’m going to use when I\’m waiting to break through the peak of concentration period!\” the head man immediately shook his head and looked determined. \”But at this time, brother, if you don\’t save him, he must be dead. We\’ll come in vain this time.\” smelling the speech, the man\’s original firmness suddenly melted down, and his face turned into a trace of hesitation. \”Brother, we\’ve discussed everything before we came, and maybe only this Fang Yang can help us.\” \”OK.\” After taking a deep breath, the head man nodded with some pain on his face. With a wave of his big hand, a jade bottle appeared in the man\’s hand. The man opened the cork on the jade bottle, and an extremely mellow smell floated in the whole room in an instant. If someone was here, he would feel refreshed just by smelling it. Take this jade bottle , with a reluctant look on his face, the man slowly opened Fang Yang\’s mouth and fed all the things in it. He didn\’t know what magic medicine was in the jade bottle. As soon as he took it, Fang Yang immediately felt and his fingers trembled. After about three minutes, Fang Yang fiercely opened his eyes! The things in the jade bottle just added a lot of soul to Fang Yang Li, let Fang Yang have a new consciousness and wake up from fainting. As soon as he woke up, Fang Yang immediately felt a sharp pain. The surging energy in his body had swam like Fang Yang\’s limbs and bones. At this time, there were pure energy surging up and down Fang Yang\’s whole body! After opening his eyes, Fang Yang couldn\’t think about everything around him, just knew his body There was energy in the body wantonly, and then immediately ran Wuxian sword Dao. With the operation of Wuxian sword Dao, a strange force diffused from Fang Yang\’s Dantian almost instantly. This force began to spread slowly. After a while, it was full of Fang Yang\’s limbs and bones. Under this strange force, Fang Yang\’s energy stood I was stunned immediately! \”Drink!\” A fine light flashed in Fang Yang\’s eyes. Fang Yang\’s body trembled, and the power of his soul immediately poured into his body. With this influx of consciousness and the strange power, the energy in Fang Yang\’s body was immediately restrained and no longer collided. Then Fang Yang\’s fine light was Zhan Zhan in Fang Yang\’s eyes. At this time, Fang Yang had expected something


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