Li Siyu didn\’t answer the phone. Just fetch water for her every day and help her cook? forget it.

Stop teasing. Sikong Wanyu blushed. \”Seriously, if it\’s appropriate, we\’ll never go back. Do you regret it?\” \”No regrets, why regret? This is the life I want\” \”But what if we can\’t find him?\” asked Sikong Wanyu. \”I mean if, for example, he wandered to the spiritual world, or he wasn\’t the person we were looking for at all.\” \”Then let\’s find a place to practice and wait for him in the spiritual world. I believe that with his qualifications and intelligence, no matter which continent he is on, he will fly to success.\” Mu Chen sighed and felt sour in his heart. The gate of time and space has become more and more dim. I can\’t miss it anymore


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