Looking at the remaining half bowl of braised meat, Li Siyu took out his lunch box and asked Yang Jun to take it back, and bought some meat buns.

Out, no one left, of course, except you. Qi Jiehan looked at the man without expression and replied coldly. \”If you don\’t keep one, how can you have such strength? Although I have brought out most of the elite, there are still many good players. How can you keep one?\” the man doesn\’t seem to believe Qi Jiexing\’s ability. \”Hum\” ChiYan sneered and said coldly, \”you are the one with the highest cultivation. If you are like this, how can you expect your grass bag men?\” \”The Lord still underestimated you.\” the man felt extremely frustrated and murmured. \”Your master is my good brother?\” Qi Jiexing asked sarcastically. Although he already knew the answer, he still wanted to get the exact news from the enemy. \”Now that you know, what else do you ask?\” the man replied. \”Come on, why attack my woman this time?\” Qi Jiexing overbearing hugged Jane Xi who had not responded. Previously, he had learned all the details from the conversation between the man and his men. At the same time, he felt deep fear, and his arm around Jane Xi\’s slender waist was tight again. Jane Xi\’s face was slightly red, but she also felt his tension and uneasiness. She patted his hand around his waist and comforted him silently. At the same time, she looked at the man. She also wanted to know the reason, although she had guessed that most of it was due to her high profile six months ago. \”It\’s a little long. Let me start from the beginning?\” the man looked at Han Xing and asked for his consent before he spoke slowly. \”My Lord – Qi Jiekang, he has always regarded you as a big brother, but your father Qi jiexunyuan also likes you as the eldest son, because your body can\’t practice magic skills. No, he would rather give up this inheritance and let you transfer to your mother Mei Yulian\’s family\’s inheritance skills. Unexpectedly, he has made rapid progress. The original waste material has become a genius, which makes him despise you all the time, Qi Jiekang, who didn\’t take you as an opponent, grew jealous from childhood, but even though he was only six or seven years old at that time, he was already very resourceful. He buried all his emotions, not only devoted himself to cultivation, but also flattered your father and your stepmother Liu Peirong. \”The man\’s lips smiled bitterly. If you ask him how he knew so much, Thanks to one of his lovers, Hong Ye, she is actually a servant girl who grew up in Daqi\’s family. However, the servant girl is not an ordinary person. Now she is a monk in the golden elixir period, but she is also a demon monk without accident. However, she has another identity. She has served Qi Jiekang since she was a child. Qi Jiekang has a little admiration for her, so he brought her out. By chance, she became his lover. These secrets were learned from Hong Ye after the two people\’s double cultivation, so now he seems to be a little frustrated, He went on with the nothing to hide. \”You began to cultivate at the age of 12 and made rapid progress, but Qi Jiekang began to cultivate at the age of 5. He is also a genius and his cultivation has increased very fast. In addition, you are one of the top figures in the demon family, so it is difficult to be unhappy. Qi Jiekang knows how to bear it at a young age. I have to say, he is really terrible.\” the man paused, His words are not very organized. Some people have no rules about where they think and where they say, but they also let everyone understand what kind of character qijiekang is. No one interrupted his statement. Qijiehanxing and Jianxi stood in front of him and calmly looked at the man. The man seemed to be surprised. Qijiehanxing had no response, but they were no longer tangled and went on. ChiYan and Hu Li had retreated a certain distance, then faced the outside and began to guard the surrounding situation. \”Before you were 12 years old, Qi Jiekang didn\’t take you seriously, because you were a waste material, a waste material that can\’t be cultivated. At that time, no matter how many Tiancai and Dibao your mother and father took for you, no matter how advanced your skills are, you can\’t even find your sense of Qi. Qi Jiekang didn\’t care about you at that time, but since you really had no way, you began to practice what your mother inherited After the cultivation, he suddenly turned into a genie like genius. Qijie Xunyuan paid more attention to you and began to exercise. He let you learn some things in charge of the housekeeper while practicing. Even in this regard, as a teenager, you are extremely smart and master it very quickly. You worry your stepmother and brothers too much. So your stepmother and brothers began to care about your mother Zi began to calculate, and your mother was your stepmother. She didn\’t know what plot she used to kill her. The way of death also made Qijie Xunyuan believe that it was an accident, but it didn\’t have any impact on you. You were still cultivated by Qijie Xunyuan as an heir. \” Chapter 596 family affairs of Han Xing (2) The man looked at the excellent man in front of him. He seemed to be better than his father. Qijiekang still couldn\’t compare with him. He didn\’t have the atmosphere and domineering of his eldest brother. With a slight sigh, he continued: \”Your stepmother and younger brothers were very dissatisfied and frightened because you were so excellent, so your stepmother and younger brothers began to calculate about your mother and son, and your mother was your stepmother. She didn\’t know what plot she used to kill her, and the way of death also made Qijie Xunyuan believe that it was an accident, but it didn\’t have any impact on you, you know It was Qi Jie Xunyuan who trained you like an heir. Because your father has a unique talent, he has reached the great perfection of the period of salvation at the age of more than 70. His practice speed is too fast. He is afraid that he will rise before you become an adult, so he has not relaxed his training for you. Although your father is very sad about your mother\’s death, he is waiting for Liu Peirong\’s carelessness Waiting for comfort, he soon walked out of the shadow and taught you while practicing, which made Liu Peirong and his mother and son more jealous. However, your father\’s force is really terrible. When you were 16 years old and your mother died two years later, your father successfully survived the natural disaster with his flesh and became a master of Mahayana. Two years later, he became the first person in the demon sect. The danger of the demon sect to survive the disaster is always much higher than that of the righteous friars, but the force value of the demon sect is the highest among the friars of the same rank, so your father I soon became on an equal footing with the great powers like xuantianzong and Emperor Shitian, and because the magic gate under your father\’s jurisdiction is not different from those evil practitioners. Although I practice magic skills, I can only enter the country quickly and take some shortcuts. There is no harm to heaven and justice. Therefore, it is gradually accepted by these orthodox gates, so there is a happy scene today. Your father is a very powerful man. The original reputation of the magic door is not very good. \”The man looked at the strange letter star with a wry smile, but he was a little discouraged when he saw the calm eyes.


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