Li Simin smiled, looked at Li Siyu and said, Mom, can you let Cheng Yuan go to Siyu\’s job?

The third time the furnace cover was opened, Jianxi added seven kinds of spiritual liquid, so repeatedly; The fourth time the furnace cover was opened, twelve kinds of medicinal liquid were dropped. The number of drops dropped into each kind of medicinal liquid was different, the refining time of each large fire and small fire was different, and the rotation frequency of each Dan furnace was also different. Such complex refining was not finished, but continued; The fifth time, the furnace cover was opened and five kinds of medicinal herbs were dripping into the people; The sixth time, the furnace cover was opened and nine kinds of medicinal liquid were dropped; The seventh time, the furnace cover was opened and four kinds of medicinal liquid were dropped; The eighth time, the furnace cover was opened and two kinds of medicinal liquid were dropped; The ninth time the furnace cover was opened, what was dripping was — the liquid of thunder beast pill; Chapter 354 Dancheng Jian Xi opened the lid of the Dan furnace for the ninth time. The largest jade bottle also flew up in the air. The cork was opened. Under the control of Jian Xi, the spirit liquid in it dropped into the Dan furnace. After 36 drops, the lid of the jade bottle was closed and fell back to its original place. The lid of the Dan furnace was also closed. The flame increased sharply and the Dan furnace also rotated rapidly. This time, with the rapid fire, it was entirely to make the 49 materials in the Dan furnace fully integrate. After rotating forward for half an hour, it rotated backward at extreme speed for half an hour. It was repeated three times before it was readjusted, slowed down and began to simmer gently with a small fire. Jane Xi had time to throw an imported pill. Although she didn\’t want to, her spiritual power was close to drying up. If she didn\’t take the pill, she wouldn\’t be able to hold on until she became a pill. After two hours of slow simmering, Jian Xi took a pill again. After the elixir in the pill melted and penetrated the meridians, she took a deep breath of air. Then, the flame suddenly increased again, and the pill stove rotated again, but this time it was only ten seconds in the positive direction and ten seconds in the reverse direction, As soon as Jane Xi reduced the flame, she heard a slight sound of \”porphyrin\”, and Jane Xi whispered \”it\’s over\”. Decadent withdrew the chaotic fire, and the Dan stove also clanged and fell to the ground. Jane Xi\’s fingers were light, and the stove cover flew to one side from the inclined Dan stove. Jane Xi couldn\’t help laughing bitterly when she saw the three burnt pills inside. It fell short of success! The last step was not well mastered. The furnace pill was abandoned. Bai blind. She was busy there all day and night. She took two pills to supplement her spiritual power, but alas, it\’s really Jane Xi was very depressed and felt deeply tired at the same time. Give yourself a body cleaning formula. Immediately, the hair and clothes stuck by sweat are refreshing, and the whole body is much easier, but the huge spiritual overdraft and spiritual overdraft. She was still exhausted by the overdraft of divine consciousness. She put on a posture of five hearts to the sky and began to run the \”chaotic formula\”. The aura was a little sluggish from the beginning. The subsequent smooth scouring made Jane feel comfortable for a while. This kind of exercise after the limit is really great. While the chaotic formula works, it does not delay the operation of the \”unknown divine knowledge skill\”. When the two skills work at the same time, they also restore divine knowledge and spiritual power. After nearly three hours of practice, she recovered from the 7788. Looking at the heaven and earth Dan stove dumped by her on the ground, Jane Xi was a little funny. Gently waved his hand, photographed the Dan stove, poured out the waste Dan inside, waved his hand and burned them into nothingness. Then a method Jue, he cleaned the Dan stove and put it on the futon again. Then, he fell into bed and fell asleep in two minutes. Even the divine consciousness has recovered most of it. But sleeping is still a necessary rest process. This time, Jane Xi woke up after sleeping for more than five hours. However, after waking up, she didn\’t calculate the time. Anyway, she had enough sleep. It\’s the king\’s way to adjust everything to the best state. Look at the pill liquid of the second thunder beast pill in the big jade bottle. Jane Xi calculated, and it can be refined three times. This is good news. Let\’s take another look at the medicinal liquid in other jade bottles. Some are enough for three times, and some are not enough. Jian Xi took out another batch of miraculous drugs from the storage bag. She didn\’t take out all of them before. She just saw that they should be almost the same, but now it seems that they are still shortcomings. So she treated the insufficient miraculous drugs and purified them so that the miraculous liquid in the jade bottle can be refined three times before she stopped. During the break, Jane Xi carefully began to aftertaste the previous alchemy process. Every step and every action, she repeated aftertaste, found out the shortcomings, and came up with corresponding solutions. Until the moment when she finally became a pill, the control of the fire, etc. when she had a clear idea, Jane Xi started her previous alchemy again, another alchemy business that lasted more than 20 hours, Until the moment when he finally became Dan. Slowly weaken the flame, and the furnace slowly stopped rotating. At the moment of stopping, the flame also went out at the same time. The furnace slowly fell on the ground in front of Jane Xi. The furnace cover flew up and placed aside. Jane was glad to see that the purple broken thunder Dan the size of three small fingernails in the furnace stayed quietly in the furnace. Two were one dan halo and one was two Dan halos.


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