In the afternoon, at Li Siyu\’s request, everyone ate dumplings with white flour. Sauerkraut and meat Zila are stuffed. These meat Zila are all under the oil jar. They don\’t put them in cooking at ordinary times.

The group of more than ten people then looked at Xinyu\’s house. The six villas are at least 100 meters apart, forming a scene and a perfect transition. Xinyu\’s home is a Mediterranean style selected by Xinyu. The long corridor extends to the end, and then turns vertically. The semicircular tall arch, and the hollowed out landscape formed by chiseling and semi chiseling on the wall are interpreted in this building. The warm and mellow facade, simple and textured building materials and many corridors, The framework and viewing platform constitute the grand and exotic architecture in front of you today. Xinwei\’s family chose the villa with the most modern style. Xinwei\’s father, Wang Mingfu, is not very old in his early 40s and loves this style very much. His father and son both like this style of architecture very much. Wang Mingfu once came here before and fell in love with the rich feeling of the residents accumulated by strong metal texture materials, With the internationally popular tone and asymmetry, it shows a new sense of city and modernity, which is visually beautiful. This made both father and son very satisfied. If the man chooses the Italian Tuscan architectural style villa, it uses natural wood and specially imported milky white ivory like white stone as decorative materials, and the entrance is designed into a dramatic circular hall. There is also a fountain in the courtyard, and the interior is decorated with exquisite wall decorations, fireplace, iron art, shutters and balcony. The wall covered with vines makes the whole building practical and unrestrained. The garden is full of all kinds of plants and brilliant pastoral atmosphere. If the male family is naturally extremely satisfied, the people are a burst of praise. In addition, one of the buildings without a master is a French style villa with distinctive lines, concave convex and unique appearance. The roof adopts mengsha style, the upper part is gentle and the lower part is steep. There are exquisite tiger windows on the roof, and the outer wall is decorated with stone. The French style corridor columns, carvings and lines are elegant, noble, romantic, poetic and magnificent, There is a kind of conflict beauty. The living space inside is also luxurious and comfortable. As well as the villa with European court style, it is atmospheric and full of exotic classical feelings. It took more than two hours to visit the six villas and the whole \”Fairy Garden in the garden\”. During this period, if you feel tired, you will sit in the pavilion in the forest, have a rest, and then visit. Jian Xinyan is the best guide. These six buildings were designed by the best designers in China. At the beginning, she made the greatest efforts because she also wanted to live here. The other five buildings were stained with the light of her own villa. Now I think I really have foresight. These six villas are scattered around this \”private beach\” in a scattered way. Like the stars supporting the moon, each of the six families has a terrace facing the sea. They can blow the sea breeze and look at the sea. When they are interested, they can also wear swimsuits and go directly down to the sea for swimming and surfing. \”This beach only belongs to these six families. What a luxury.\” everyone was very satisfied and added in their hearts. Looking at the time, after a tour, everyone was also very tired. They took their own goods, went back to their home, chose their favorite room, took a shower, then lay on a new and comfortable big bed, opened the window, smelled the sea breeze and the fragrance of flowers, and took a nap. Chapter 249 beautiful little world At the beginning of the Lantern Festival, 70% of the \”East Lake other garden\” has been occupied. The lights are dim, quiet and beautiful, and its deep \”Fairy Garden in the garden\” is even more beautiful, gorgeous and dreamy. Jian Xi and Ruo Nan are lying on the couch on the beach. On the table between them are two glasses of fruit juice. The fruit juice is squeezed from fresh peaches, and the fresh peaches are produced in Jian Xi\’s small world. Of course, if men don\’t know these things, only the second old man of the Jane family, Jian Ma, Jian Xinyan, Yuan dad, Yuan Ma and Xin Yu know about the small world, but they are not close relatives, Jane Xi never mentioned it. Even the God of war and Xiao, she also put them at Jane Xinyan\’s place in advance, and then flew over. She gave everyone a false image that she hadn\’t seen the God of war and Xiao for a while because she sent them to Jane\’s mother\’s place. Now a dog and a tiger lie quietly beside Jane Xi. They are tall. If they go out, they will scare everyone. Therefore, Jane Xi strictly ordered them not to go out of the \”Fairy Garden in the garden\”. However, although the two dogs are fierce, they are extremely human. They are really obedient and don\’t take the step of \”Fairy Garden in the garden\”. Moreover, during this period of cultivation in the small world, the God of war has successfully advanced to the rank and become a monster. Although he barely entered the first rank, he is a real monster. His body has become smaller by heart, But it is still much taller than ordinary dogs. The fur of the God of war now looks more shiny and supple. His ears stand upright and sit there, showing an abnormal spirit of God and Jun.


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