Li Siyu is relieved. She has no other good reason. She can only pull out a kind classmate.

A few minutes later, Jian Xinyan raised her head and said with a smile, \”this plan is well formulated. President Zhao, you didn\’t worry less! There\’s no need to change it. Just follow this plan.\”. \”OK, then — start now — start –\” Zhao Yan said proudly, and then started the car and drove onto the motorway. No matter what Zhao Yan tried to do with his mother, his travel plan was very detailed and considerate. From the first day, whether it was playing or eating, it was very enjoyable for several people. Until several people came back from the night market in the evening, the Jane family\’s mother and daughter opened their door, rushed to the sofa, and the two mother and daughter lay on the sofa with their heads on their backs, After resting for a while, he got up and took a bath next to each other. After washing away the dust of the day, they were much refreshed at this time. They looked at the videos and photos taken on this day, pointing out the interesting scenes at that time, laughing like sisters. When Jian Xi saw the photos of their mother and daughter with Zhao Yan and Lei Lei, her face was a little gloomy. After thinking about it, she said, \”Mom, do you know Zhao Yan?\” \”Ah? Zhao Yan, Xi\’er, why do you think of asking?\” Jane Xinyan asked strangely with a stunned expression. \”Oh, nothing. I saw his eyes looking at you more than once today. It\’s not pure. There seems to be a lot of ambition and * * in it. Mom, you should be careful of him.\” Jane Xi looked at Jane Xinyan anxiously. When Jian Xinyan heard her daughter say this, she couldn\’t help staring at her strangely. After a long time, she said, \”Xi\’er! Mom is really shocked by your carefulness and maturity! Mom can\’t treat you as a child -\” After a pause, she continued: \”Zhao Yan is a local professional manager I hired. His personal ability is still good. In recent years, the company has achieved really good performance under his management. Therefore, before making any big mistakes, my mother still has no reason not to use him. Besides, it is not easy to hire a good professional manager. Mom can\’t see what you said. In recent years, he has been trying to win my favor without trace, but his ambition and * * have to keep mom on guard, so mom just keeps a superior subordinate relationship with him without further expression. To tell you the truth, mom doesn\’t want these things at all and doesn\’t like him Man, he\’s just a worker for me. Now, if he doesn\’t go or make any mistakes, there will be no other possibility in the future. Don\’t worry, my mother is not a fool. People in finance are my mother\’s lineage and will be wary of his loopholes. Moreover, my mother is also an immortal. How can she favor an ordinary mortal ? \”she patted her daughter, who was still worried, and Jane Xinyan felt a burst of kindness. \”Mom, it\’s really not easy for you to be alone in H city!\” Jane Xi said stiffly, burying her head in Jane Xinyan\’s arms. Chapter 139 can\’t help it In the next five days, Jian Xi visited almost all the scenic spots around H City, and Zhao Yan really didn\’t have time to accompany him for two days. Lei Lei was responsible for leading Jane\’s mother and daughter to play. Until the morning of the seventh day, Jian Xinyan and Zhao Yan couldn\’t get away because of a celebration of the company, and Lei Lei, as the assistant to the general manager, was too busy, The three of them are really unable to spare themselves to accompany Jane Xi. Looking at Jane Xinyan\’s apologetic expression, Jane smiled and said, \”well, mom, I\’ve grown up and can play by myself. I\’ve been here for a week, and I\’m familiar with a lot. I can play by myself. You can rest assured and concentrate on going to work! Then — Mom, don\’t you know what I can do? It seems that no one can do to me yet.\” Jane Xi raised her proud little face and said with her delicate pink mouth. Looking at her daughter, Jane smiled and scolded: \”You little girl, no matter how old you are, you are also my daughter. No matter how old you are, your mother is also worried. But don\’t go far today. Just play at the seaside nearby. There are several tourist spots there. Some marine amusement facilities are complete enough for you to play all day. After walking outside these days, the people in the city haven\’t played yet. We don\’t play today By your side, you can play nearby. Do you hear me? \”Said Jane Xinyan softly. \”Well, OK, I see.\” Jane Xi nodded like mashing garlic. \”Wait, oh, I almost forgot. Well, no matter what you play, you have to spend money. You must bring enough money. Put it in your space and put less on your body. You don\’t have to worry about losing anything.\” Jane Xi took out two piles of red tickets from her bag, enough 20000, stuffed them into Jane Xi\’s hand and said. \”Mom -\” Jane refused with pity and anger, \”no, I have money.\”. \”Take it, or mom will be angry and play whatever she wants. Don\’t care how much it costs. The most important thing is to have fun and have fun.\” Jane Xinyan pushed it to Jane Xi. Jane Xi reluctantly had to pick them up and throw them into the space. Jane Xinyan was relieved. She drove out the Audi from the garage. She wanted to take Jane Xi to the seaside and go to work again.


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