Li Siyu looked at the running figure and shook his head.

boom……There was a tremor, and the entire secret palace trembled slightly.The three of Yun Xianluo stopped immediately, their eyes full of solemn expressions. At this moment, there was such a big movement in the secret palace, which was not a good thing.At this moment, a figure rushed in staggeringly. He was an old man. He was bruised all over his body, and he almost fell down when he landed.Three clan masters, someone has entered the secret palace… the old man trembled.what?who is it?So courageous, dare to attack our secret palace. Lei Heng paused, and the secret palace trembled slightly, and then there was a sound of fighting outside the palace, as well as the sound of terrifying attacks.boom……The entrance of the secret palace was broken open, and six elders flew out, smashing the huge pillars and walls of the secret palace, and eight huge figures stepped into the secret palace.Who are you? You broke into the secret palace, you really didn\’t know whether to live or die, and you captured them for me. The deputy palace lord shouted.Just when the elders and the elders were preparing to take action, the eight huge figures had already revealed their true faces, the bronze-poured body, and the ancient lines above, and the faces of these eight figures, all made the secret palace The elders and elders inside stopped subconsciously.this……What is this?The elders looked at the eight huge figures in shock.Lei Heng\’s trio frowned. The strength of these eight figures is second. The key is that they feel an inexplicable sense of familiarity. This sense of familiarity makes them vigilant. In a faint, these eight figures give them a sense of familiarity. There is a threat.At this time, the eight figures were fanned out, and a man walked out, followed by an old man with a deep back.The moment they saw the old man, the three of Lei Heng were slightly startled.It\’s you……Old slave of the Duan clan, why do you run into the secret palace without guarding your broken ancient palace? You brought people to make trouble, are you living enough? A deputy palace master jumped out, wanting to show something. .


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