In fact, Jian Xi has also seen this point. However, what Jian Xi encountered is only a drop in the bucket. Now this force has made many decent people on pins and needles, and began to investigate and crack down on this force, but it has little effect because it is hidden too deeply.

suddenly!The sky trembled, a huge tower appeared in the sky, the old undead figure appeared, a million star domain burst into pieces, the right hand was holding the Nine Youshen Pagoda, the whole person was dignified, I saw the Nine Youshen Pagoda trembling slightly, and then one Tufts of black mist gush out.The mystery of the Nine You God Tower… Yao Zhizun, you actually took charge of the Nine You God Tower… A vague voice came out from the depths of the sky, with solemnity and a trace of fear in the tone. It was a monster. The sound of the emperor.This deity has long expected that you will appear, so I made a special trip to prepare something for you… The old undead smiled coldly, and suddenly ninety-nine Primordial Blood Pagodas appeared around him, and each of them was stained above. Full of the blood of gods and demons, a quasi-divine emperor level god and demons tower beads have condensed on the top one after another.Dzogchen\’s Primordial Blood Pagoda, and there are still ninety-nine… Yao Zhizun, dare you… The fearful voices of four monster emperors came from the depths of the sky.Why don\’t you dare! You lack the dragon body and can no longer be transported… it is difficult to affect the world today. The old undead snorted and slapped his hand. The ninety-nine Primordial Blood Pagodas turned quietly. The entire sky seemed to have rotated with it.Everything was distorted. Immediately after the Jiuyou God Pagoda in the hands of the old Undead, ninety-nine Primordial Blood Pagodas were sucked into it. Each of them had ten Primordial Blood Pagodas, all of them running around. Nine Youshen Pagoda rises in the sky.In an instant!A terrifying voice came from the depths of the sky, and saw a dark shadow being pulled out. It was a monster emperor. This emperor was struggling frantically, but his terrifying power could not be released. Suppressed around the Nine Youshen Pagoda.Yao Zhizun… Even if I was suppressed by the Nine Youshen Pagoda, you would not have a chance.In charge…\”The monster emperor uttered an unwilling roar, and the fog-like body quickly disappeared, and a unique body emerged, covered with a large number of scales, and these scales were as vast and dark as the sky, and every scale contained it. The suffocating destructive power.Seeing those scales, Shanghai couldn\’t help taking a breath. The dragon scales were dragon scales, but they were different from the dragon scales he had. Although the dragon scales on the monster emperor possessed vast and terrifying power, these powers were not. Very pure.what happened……The monster emperor actually has dragon scales on his body, and it does not appear to be attached to it, but it looks like it grows on it. There are dragon scales on his body. How can the monster emperor have dragon scales on his body, and what are they? Are they not monsters?Seeing this, Shanghai\’s heart is full of confusion and incomprehension.If it weren’t for the old undead to suck away the demon emperor with the Jiuyou Divine Pagoda and make it manifest, it would be impossible to see what the demon emperor is. You must know that the demon emperor is a person comparable to the supreme. The top of the world.Want to run?The old immortal glanced into the depths of the sky, his eyes were cold, and he was about to make a move. He suddenly noticed two figures, and immediately his pupils shrank slightly, his eyes became colder, and there was a terrible hatred in them. It is the accumulated hatred for thousands of years, which has been engraved in the depths of the soul since ancient times.Huntian Emperor…


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