\”You just brought in the tiger corpse. Grandpa guessed that you would do so. This young tiger is really suitable, but Xiao – will suffer a little sin.\” Jane Nan took a meaningful look at Xiao nearby, which made Xiao feel cool and shiver for nothing.

A finger of the three-colored flames, smashed the fist of the blue blood, and the terrifying power was injected into his right arm, and it was instilled towards him.Not good… Yinlong\’s expression changed drastically. Although he and Qingxue are not right, but now they are all the way. If Qingxue dies, then he will inevitably lose a great power, and there will be no way to fight against the three. The Great God and Demon Palace is in contention.Snapped!Yinlong slapped Qingxue\’s back, and the power of the gods and demons poured into it. When the three-color flames burned to the right arm, they stopped slightly, and the two of Qingxue secretly breathed a sigh of relief and lost an arm. , At most some power is lost.You too underestimated the top-level magical skills of our Zhurong God and Demon Palace, right? The top-level god and demon sneered coldly, his fingers trembled slightly, and the three-color flames changed and turned into blue and black. Its power is even more weird and terrifying, and the speed of climbing is even faster.It\’s over…Qingxue and Yinlong\’s expressions sank completely, because they could no longer avoid them, they could only watch the blue and black flames surround them. This is the flames of gods and demons, more terrifying than any flames, burning the gods. The demon body is more intense and fast.Two rubbish, dare to yell at me, don’t become a god or demon in your next life, and don’t meet me again. The top-level god and demon sneered, and immediately urged a stronger blue and black flame. The two of blood were burned to fly ash.suddenly!A ray of green light flashed past.The face of the top-level god and demon changed, just about to resist, the whole body was stiff, it was too late, I saw that his chest had been pierced by the green light, even the heart of the god and demon was instantly shattered, and his eyes moved slightly, very shocked He glanced at Xuantian and fell down suddenly.The black flames disappeared, and the two of Qingxue and Yinlong who had been scorched to black hurriedly escaped. Although they seemed to be seriously injured, to the two of them, they were only slightly injured.The death of the top-tier god and demon in Zhurong God and Demon Palace suddenly caused a shocking wave…died……I wish the top-tier gods and demons of the Rong God and Demon Palace dare to kill…With just one blow, isn\’t that old guy a quasi-God Emperor?It should not be. The quasi-divine emperor will have its own unique aura. This old guy has a weird aura, but he is not the quasi-divine emperor.Kill well.Killing is certainly refreshing, but then it will be dead. The majesty of the three gods and demons is not allowed to be violated by anyone. This group of people will kill the top-tier gods and demons of Zhurong God and Demon Palace, and they will inevitably be Kill them all, leaving none.Some of the ancient gods and demons with lower strength have retreated far away, because everyone knows that there will probably be a big battle next.


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