The free square city was too big. Xiao Siyu felt tired again because he was too small and slept in Jian Xi\’s arms. After thinking about it, Jian Xi took out his strap and carried him on his back, which was more convenient.

I see.Since Brother Lin is going out for a walk, how about going with us? There is also a support along the way. I am waiting for this time to go to the ancient capital and participate in the sacred ceremonies of the thousand races. In the Primordial Era, the sacred ceremonies will only be held once in a million years. , This time almost all the Primordial Awakeners, as well as many spiritual domain experts will go, but it is a huge event. Di Luoxuan said excitedly.Not only him, but even Di Luoye are full of excitement and excitement on their faces. This is a rare grand event that has been waiting for millions of years, even if they have not participated in it, there are even many ancient powerhouses, a lifetime You may not have the opportunity to participate.Sacred Book of Thousand Races…it\’s a bit interesting, can I also participate? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.Of course, anyone who is strong in the spiritual realm can participate, it doesn\’t matter whether it is the Primordial Awakener or the aboriginal. Di Luoxuan said.Then it will be annoying.Brother Lin is polite. Di Luoxuan smiled slightly. Although Shanghai didn\’t have the slightest cultivation base, his physique was amazing. With Shanghai on the road, he was more or less able to take care of him, and he also gave birth to a heart of solicitation, after all. The Diluo family is too weak now, and must recruit some strong people.But!It\’s not that they can be recruited if they want to recruit. Generally, the strong do not look down on the Diluo family at all. Even if they have something to look at, their strength is too weak and there is not much development prospects. But Shanghai is different, and the physique is terrifying. , If these characters can cultivate, they will grow up extremely terrible in the future.The three brothers and sisters of Di Luoxuan are quite good in temperament, and they seem to be inexperienced in the world. Anyway, there are no people in this barren hills and mountains. Shanghai just wants to know about the spiritual realm now, and just listened to Di Luoxuan\’s introduction. , The spiritual realm now seems to be completely different from when he left.As for the three brothers and sisters of Di Luo, Shanghai was just an aboriginal who had been banned in a certain place and finally escaped.A group of four set off on the road. Since Shanghai could not fly by, the three Di Luo brothers and sisters also flew by at low altitude. They were originally worried that Shanghai would not be able to catch up, but when they saw Shanghai running at a physical speed, they were even more surprised. Not only do you have to worry about not being able to catch up, but Shanghai\’s physique is too strong, and you will not blush or beat your heart even after running for thousands of miles.From the three brothers and sisters of Di Luo, Shanghai gradually understood the spiritual realm today.The strongest power in the spiritual realm now is the Primordial Alliance, which brings together the 800 great clans of the Primordial Realm, and controls nearly a quarter of the eastern part of the spiritual realm.The second strongest power is the Ancient Protoss, located in the northern part of the spiritual realm. The specific strength is not clear to the three Di Luo brothers and sisters. They only know that the Primordial Alliance and the Ancient Protoss occasionally fought on the border, and a part of the three thousand tribes joined. Among the ancient gods.The third strongest power is a force formed by the Primordial Gods and Demons. It is located in the west. It is called the Domain of Gods and Demons. It has long been banned by the Primordial Gods and Demons. The ancient gods and demons, so no one knows the background of the ancient gods and demons, but to become the third power, it will certainly not be much weaker.The rest are the rest of the big clans who are unwilling to join the three forces, as well as the terrifying beasts of the ancient times. These beasts are not ordinary beasts, but are enough to transform into a human form, with the level of strength comparable to the quasi-divine emperor. However, the land they occupy is quite remote, and the three major forces dare not provoke them at will.The spiritual realm today is completely different from what Shanghai originally knew. Because of the multi-ethnic mixture, even though there is a gap between the major races, it is not too big. Therefore, even the strong ones who survived in the spiritual realm are not too big. Join the big clans.Moreover, these remaining powerhouses are extremely popular. The main reason is that many of the remaining powerhouses have obtained the incomparably powerful ancient heritage, so that their own qualifications and capabilities are extremely high, coupled with great potential, so many The big clan wants to recruit these strong people.However, these powerhouses are too few. After all, when the spiritual realm merged with millions of small worlds, it caused a disaster that was almost annihilating. The strong man in the small world can survive at most one-hundred-millionth.


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