Liu Qiaoling was surprised to see the green Dan stove at the cuff, and then thought. How is it possible that the nun in front of me looks like ten * years old, but the actual age is no more than twenty-five years old. The green Dan stove is a level 4 alchemist. How is it possible?

call out……With a quick move by the Great Elder Tianshou, Shanghai and Leng Yihang disappeared, and the whole figure gradually faded. It turned out that he had already left, but only a residual image was left….An inconspicuous side hall is filled with a large number of wine jars, and a middle-aged man is asleep holding an empty bottle, his face is red, he is obviously drunk, this person It was the middle-aged man named drunkard that Shanghai met before.suddenly!The drunkard\’s closed eyes opened, and the whole side hall was suddenly distorted. The originally misty drunken eyes contained a supreme power, and the whole side hall was almost overwhelmed, making a clicking sound, and The Primordial barriers and lines all over this place, as well as the extremely cold air that diffused out of it, were crushed.That kid actually broke through the road against the sky? It really surprised me…The red on the face of the drunkard disappeared, and a pair of dark eye pupils showed deep thoughts, \”The road against the sky has finally been opened up, Ling\’er, I will definitely save you, and then I will return to the wilderness to find us. Of…\”Chapter 1459 Ten Thousand Weapon Pavilioncall out……With the milky white luster shining, Shanghai and Leng Yihang regained their consciousness, and after a short burst of faint bamboo fragrance came to the nose, and they saw all kinds of green bamboos all around, some tall and tall, some small and slender. , Each posture, is a bamboo forest.In the center of the bamboo forest, a courtyard is opened, surrounded by bamboo fences, and the simple bamboo house is located in the center of the courtyard. No matter where you look at it, there is no difference between this place and the residence of ordinary people. Even the bamboos that grow around are extremely ordinary. The only difference is that there are more types, and some flowers and plants are also so ordinary that they cannot be ordinary.This is the residence of the Great Elder?Shanghai and Leng Yihang looked at each other, their eyes showing a look of consternation.The residence of the great elders of the Fall of Gods, in their impression, at least lived in the ancient temple engraved with the emperor pattern, there are rare and extremely treasures, even if it is not such a place, at least it must be a good one. The ancient temple is.But I didn\’t expect that the great elders of the League of Gods would live in such an uncommon place. With the eyes of the sky, Shanghai can see the surrounding environment, and it is not too special.Leave aside the humble, I hope the two little friends don\’t care about things, don\’t rely on things outside the body, I wait for the cultivator to focus on ourselves, the two little friends sit as they please, no need to be restrained. With a smile, he sat straight on a bamboo bench in the courtyard.The two of Shanghai did not sit down, but stood aside, did not say a word, but waited.You two are extremely qualified. If you can join the Death League, it will be my luck. Of course, judging from the meaning of the two, I should not be very willing to join the Death League. The elder Tianshou glanced at the Shanghai two. At a glance, that gaze seemed to almost penetrate the two people\’s minds.Elder, I two… Shanghai said.


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