The old man woke up when he heard Jane Xi\’s words. He smiled and covered up his gaffe. And he said, \”Oh, sorry, Jane, I didn\’t expect that the quality of the broken thunder pill you refined is so high and the success rate is so high. I really feel that I have lived in vain at my age!\”

Well, in the past, he was equal in strength to the mad evil, or even weaker. Unless he also had a big chance, otherwise he will inevitably suffer from this. It seems that the emperor also wants them to resolve the grievances at the time, so as not to time. Something went wrong.Hard to say!The headed man in the golden robe suddenly spoke, his voice was full of magnetism, and it was audible, and he felt like he couldn\’t help but want to listen to it. It was like a natural trait. Upon hearing this, the other five men and one woman were slightly different. Startled, staring at the man in the golden robe in amazement, he was obviously surprised that he would say such objections.Brother Montgomery, is there anything else Shanghai can do?The feeling this person gave me is completely different from the past. I can\’t tell how much he can endure. However, those who can be favored by Her Royal Highness should not be much worse. Maybe the strength is better than that. The madness should be stronger, said the man surnamed Meng indifferently.Strong?The others frowned and stared at Shanghai. They still couldn\’t see how much Shanghai was capable of now, but they still felt a little bit different from what they had seen in the past.At this time!The wild evil, which has reached the extreme, has already shot, his eyes are furious, five kinds of reincarnation skills, accompanied by a strong killing intent that is as strong as the substance, and a unique method of inheritance, burst out, and the space in front of you suddenly After sinking, the mighty attack and killing power rushed towards Shanghai.Suddenly, the power of attack has come to Shanghai.boom……A furious punch directly blasted through Shanghai\’s body. The corners of his mouth couldn\’t help but slightly cocked, and he finally killed the boy, but at this moment, he suddenly felt something wrong, because the punch did not reach it. The real thing, looking at Shanghai\’s body, twisted quickly and finally disappeared.what……Kuangxie\’s face changed and it was impossible. He had just used the ancient inheritance method and had completely locked in Shanghai, and the other party could not avoid it at all.suddenly!A figure appeared behind Kuangxie. It was Shanghai that had disappeared. He fell from a high altitude and hit Kuangxie\’s back with an elbow. In an instant, five reincarnation skills burst out. Kuangxie\’s back bones cracked, and then they sank completely.what……Heart-piercing screams came, and everyone who heard the strong felt a burst of heart oozing. Then, Shanghai grabbed Kuangxie’s neck, his right arm shook suddenly, and bursts of crispness came again. The sound of broken bones, the original intact crazy evil, all bones in his body were broken, and the whole person was like a puddle of mud.Get out! Come to mess with me again and kill you. Shanghai shouted, and was about to throw the evil spirits out.Bang!


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