Jane cherishes the five of them, not including Gao Shuang in the house. In the early stage of shangguanbo Yuanying, Jane cherishes the great perfection of Jindan. Brilliance and Yan Tao are both in the late stage of Jindan, and Hua linger is only in the early stage of Jindan, not even cannon fodder. The form is really urgent!

He came after…Shanghai\’s complexion became stiff, and a terrifying force suddenly surged behind him. He shook his figure and quickly swept out. Although he avoided it, the terrifying aftermath almost lifted him up, watching three drops of good fortune fairy liquid. In the front, there was a move of mind.Divine Mind quickly wrapped three drops of good fortune celestial liquid, rolled it up, grabbed it at will, and didn’t care to see more, directly incorporated the three drops of good fortune celestial liquid into the ring of heaven. The urging reached the extreme, and reached the highest speed in an instant.what……The horrible face of the old strange Nantian showed a look of consternation, because the speed of Shanghai really surprised him, nine thousand times the speed, and it was still climbing.Is this kid really at the level of the Third World Lord?Old Monster Nantian couldn’t help wondering that the boundary speed of nine thousand times was almost equivalent to the highest speed of the top-tier gods, and this level of speed can only be barely achieved by the peak of the Fourth World Zun, even the general peak of the Fourth World Zun. Has a boundary speed of nine thousand times.The speed is so fast…If this child grows up, it will be worth it… Old Monster Nantian twitched his cheeks a few times, but when he remembered that Shanghai had swallowed three Heavenly Evil Pills, his heart became a little looser. The shape moved and chased up.Chasing…Shanghai Shennian has been locked on the Nantian Boss. Although the speed has reached the highest, the distance between the two is rapidly narrowing.In any case, Old Monster Nantian is a god general after all, even if he doesn\’t use any secret technique, his speed can reach about ten thousand times the speed of the world.Near…Shanghai\’s heart mentioned his throat, because the old man Nantian was less than a thousand feet away from him.Boy, let me see where you go, roll over to the god general.The old Nantian yelled and grabbed it horizontally. A terrifying suction surged from his palm. The black light, which was originally rigid, became soft like a silk ribbon and entangled toward Shanghai.Patter…Feeling the tightness of his limbs, Shanghai secretly screamed badly, and saw that his limbs had been entangled by four black awns, and he quickly pulled back. At this moment, his heartbeat was extremely fast. Once he fell into the hands of the Nantian boss , Will definitely not end well.suddenly!The spirit of Shanghai perceives the surging of things in the distant passage, and then a special consciousness touches it. This consciousness is very weak, but it is full of inexplicable gratitude and a strong goodwill. This It makes him quite strange.It\’s so familiar, I seem to have seen it somewhere…


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