However, now that he has joined the Temple of Qiantian, he can only follow the arrangements of the Temple of Heaven.There are many palaces on the eternal dragon tortoise, and naturally there are some special secrets, but these secrets are not accessible to everyone. Only the strong of the imperial palace can enter. In addition to the Qiantian Temple, there are also the strong who shake the Temple of Heaven. inside.It\’s just that the Temple of Shaking Heaven lives in another hall. Although they know each other, they don\’t have much contact. Most of them are strong people in each hall staying together.The young powerhouses who had been taken by the deacon to flee before have been collected above the Wangulong Turtle and assigned to the Hall of Ning Ming. After learning that Shanghai and others returned safely, all the young powerhouses gathered here. It wasn\’t the Shanghai trio who blocked Hu Mao and others at the time. I\’m afraid it\’s still unknown whether these people will survive.Therefore, I am grateful to the three people in Shanghai.Brother Lin!Brother Lin, you are finally back.Many young powerhouses greeted them with excitement, and Shanghai’s ability has already convinced them. Naturally, no one will have any objections to Shanghai, which is the number one on the Tianqi list. After all, for the powerhouses of the same generation, let They are impressed, not only in strength, but also in sufficient capacity.After gathering with everyone for a while, Bi Yuelan stayed in her room in Shanghai.The eyes of the two were facing each other, and Bi Yuelan\’s pretty face turned red. Although she had already followed Shanghai, she also knew that she would be back sooner or later that day, but she was ready.suddenly!Bi Yuelan\’s face was pale for a while, and the seven colors of brilliance spread all over his body. I saw these brilliance intertwined in a disorderly manner, and various inexplicable noises were emitted from the body, as if there was a problem with the song he was playing. Under the chaos, the barrier in the room was constantly shaking, and even Shanghai on the side was affected, but his body was strong enough to not be affected much.At this time!Bi Yuelan\’s delicate body trembled slightly and fell to the ground.Yue Lan… Shanghai was startled, and quickly rushed over, hugged her, and then carried her onto the jade bed.Divine Sense quickly covered Bi Yuelan\’s body, and Shanghai found that the seven-color brilliance in her body became more and more chaotic, as if they were entangled together, didn\’t the troubles of the past have not been completely relieved? But the old man said that it has been completely relieved?What exactly is going on?Shanghai took a deep breath. At present, it is necessary to mix the seven-color brilliance as soon as possible.Chapter 1360All kinds of chaotic rhythms emerged from Biyuelan\’s body, constantly bombarding the surroundings. If it weren\’t for the ancient magic body in Shanghai, ordinary people would not be able to withstand the impact of these rhythms. Even so, they were still shocked. The skin cracked.


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