\”You are at least better than me. You should be happier.\” Qi Jiexing looked at Jane Xi. The washing stars made Jane Xi\’s face start to have a fever again.

The first nine styles of Taishi!boom!The Thunder God Spear pierced ten inches deep, and the pain caused the poisonous dragon and snake king to be distorted. Although it is a powerful creature comparable to a god, it encountered the nemesis of Shanghai, and its body was above it, plus this Primordial creatures do not have strong intelligence, so they generally only do things by instinct.Moreover, the trembling of the earth just now made the Venomous Dragon Snake King extremely impetuous.go to hell!Shanghai took out the mysterious air from the small tripod, patted it down the tail of the Thunder God Spear, and the mysterious air slid down.Wow…The entire back of the Dragon Snake King was completely turned into ashes. The body that was originally tossed suddenly stiffened, and then collapsed, lying on the ground, its vitality quickly disappeared. After a while, the Dragon Snake King was already dead and could not die anymore. .call out……That ray of mystery was once again taken back by Shanghai, and put it back in the small tripod.The poisonous dragon and snake king fell on the ground and the evil god crawled out of it. At this moment, his body was covered with poison, and his body was melting a little bit by the poison. If this continues, the evil god will finally turn into A pool of pus.Shanghai naturally would not let the evil spirits die by poison, and quickly swept near the tail of the poisonous dragon and snake king. After the spirit of mind glanced, the thunder spear directly pierced in. The body of the lost poisonous dragon and snake king was much softer than before. The stroke was pulled down and was punctured.Afterwards, Shanghai touched it and took out a thumb-sized aquamarine bead. He was immediately overjoyed. Sure enough, the poisonous pill had been condensed in the body of the poisonous dragon snake king, which contained the very poisonous essence of the poisonous dragon snake king. It is also a detoxification fetish.Going forward quickly, Shanghai cut a part of the poison pellet, then crushed it into powder, and sprinkled it on the body of the evil god general. The evil god general who was about to be poisoned stopped the poisoning, and then slowly recovered and saw this scene. , Shanghai was relieved.The poisonous dragon snake king is full of treasures, especially the pair of fangs, Shanghai naturally will not let it go. Holding the Thunder God Spear, he pried a few times in the mouth of the poisonous dragon snake king, prying all the four poisonous fangs. The moment the four fangs landed, the ground around them was suddenly blackened.Even Shanghai felt dizzy. Fortunately, he stopped the poisonous pill and was spared from being poisoned. It can be seen how terrible the poison of this poisonous dragon snake king is.When Shanghai was about to put the fangs away, he suddenly noticed that a strange blue light appeared under the poisoned earth, and his brows wrinkled slightly. Suddenly he remembered that the old Nantian had broken his finger and dripped there. Blood, that blood is absorbed by the ground.Is there something in this underground? Shanghai hesitated for a moment, then grabbed the Thunder Spear and pierced directly into the underground. The earth was shoveled out of a deep pit, accompanied by cracks, and the blue light burst suddenly. Out.I saw in the pit, it was a blue jewel-like object, which was covered with meshes, and there were flashes of electricity on it, and the inside was shining with blue electric lights from time to time. Shanghai Seeing this thing, I couldn\’t help being startled.Blue Spirit Fairy Crystal…


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