Hua ling\’er wanted to say \”I don\’t want to eat your food\”, but when she remembered the smell just now, she didn\’t say anything. At this time, she heard brilliance say, \”it\’s too disturbing.\”.

Looking at the two figures in front of him, Elder Tu frowned.Shanghai is a little nervous at the moment. After all, this involves his parents. It would be nice if he could detect the news.After a while, Elder Tu shook his head, \”I have never seen these two.\”Hearing this, Shanghai\’s heart is full of disappointment.When did Lin Taishi look for the two people who came to the clan? If it were a hundred years ago, I might have seen it. If it is less than a hundred years, I have not seen it. They have been in retreat for nearly a hundred years. Just came out of the retreat.Elder Tu noticed that the look of Shanghai was different. Based on his experience, he naturally saw that the two of them had a very close relationship with Shanghai. Now that he got a little insight, he naturally had to pay back his affection, and immediately said: \”Lin Taishi Don\’t worry, as long as these two have been to Ancient Xuanzong, they will definitely have a record in the visiting hall. I will ask someone to check it later.\”Then thank you Elder Tu.You\’re welcome!Elder Tu arched his hands.At this time!A sword-shaped mark came from outside the hall, which fell in the hall, and then melted away, condensing the appearance of an old man.Lin Taishi, Gong Fei was ordered to send Taishiling and the rest.It\’s the elder palace here.Elder Tu stood up immediately, his face full of respect, because the person who came was Silver Sword Elder, and both strength and status were above Elder Tu.Afterwards!The palace elder brought a group of disciples into the house. In addition to the order of the Taishi, there are many treasures to be given away. Some of these treasures are for cultivation, and some are for strengthening the foundation and cultivating. Each is extremely precious, let alone put it away. In the small world of a million, even in the great wilderness world, it is quite rare.Even though the elder Tu on the side saw him, his eyes couldn\’t help but shine.Naturally, these treasures were not searched by Ancient Xuanzong in recent years, but were accumulated over the years, and ordinary cultivators, even ordinary elders, were not qualified to enjoy them.Afterwards, the palace elders chatted for a while, and then left, but it means that they will come to visit another day. Before leaving, there are still some that are said to be invaluable, but they are actually quite expensive. A precious meeting gift.After sending away the two elders, Shanghai took a look at the treasures. With the inheritance of the Huangwenshi he possessed, it is naturally not difficult to see how valuable these treasures are. They were quite rare in the ancient times. Of course, these are not the most precious ones. Treasure, but three times the sword pool refinement.


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