Chapter 370 \’Yu Ji donkey meat\’

Ling Xuan Jian and others squeezed the blades in their hands, staring at the million powerful men killed from their own direction. They have gone through many battles, big and small, but this time, they have no bottom, because this time a million little ones. The strong of the world came too turbulent.Big brother…it seems that this time we are afraid… Ling Xuanhao said, his heart was full of strong anxiety.Aren\’t you ready for this day? Lingxuan Jian said without turning his head.Ling Xuanhao was startled and nodded immediately.Yes, he is indeed ready to die, because the power of hundreds of small worlds is getting stronger and stronger, and the power of the four-ethnic alliance has been constantly consumed. If it continues, the four-ethnic alliance will undoubtedly be destroyed, but He didn\’t understand why he fought for ten years…Brother, look a little away, anyway, we are going to die sooner or later, it is better to kill a few more and then die, kill one is enough, kill two and you will earn… Ling Xuanbiao curled his lips and said.Haha… or the fourth child can see well, yes, let\’s talk about it after killing. Ling Xuanhao reacted and smiled.Strike!With a drink of the Lingxuan Sword, it rose in the air, and the power of the world burst out. The bronze giant sword in his hand slashed horizontally, banging, and directly slashed more than a dozen powerful men in the small world, Lingxuanhao and others who had killed them. Quickly shot, constantly bombarding.The other side!A strong man rose from the sky, his body increased more than three times, like the same iron tower, the thunder knife in his hand was cut out in succession, and the shot was the Ba Yu, one of the young strong men of the ancient gods. After years of training, he has reached the level of the Holy Master, and his strength is not much different than that of the Spirit Profound Sword.Besides!There are also many young powerhouses, including Yi Feng and others, who have been tempered for ten years, and they are now among the best in their peers.Headed by many young powerhouses, more than 300,000 powerhouses from the Four Races Alliance fought fiercely near the top of the mountain. From time to time, there were screams. At every moment, a large number of powerhouses fell, not just a million young people. In the world, there are also four-nation alliances.The two sides are like two huge torrents, smashing together fiercely, and the power that bursts out almost overturns the four guardian holy places.呲…The Spirit Profound Sword slayed a holy lord with a single sword, but at this moment, a terrifying attack and killing might hit him, and it seemed that he was about to be unable to avoid it. A figure rushed over and stood in front of him. Bang, the figure was severely hit, and the entire arm was broken.Seventh brother… Lingxuanjian suddenly burst into tears.Big brother… kill a few more… Old Qi fell in the distance, and the blood instantly soaked his whole body, completely knowing his life or death.Although he has long been used to seeing life and death, but seeing his brother live and die for himself, the Lingxuan sword raised his head and roared, and the bronze giant sword in his hand slashed out again and again. With his red eyes, he almost entered the madness. It\’s in a state, and it keeps beheading.


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