Jian Nan took out the broken Lei Dan with three circles of halo with psychedelic color and said, \”it\’s really very good! You can surpass the level to refine such a difficult broken Lei Dan before you reach the cultivation level of the first child. You really deserve to be my Jian Nan\’s good granddaughter! Hahaha, if my old friend sees it, he must cry and shout to ask you to be his apprentice! Hahaha\” Jiannan smiled happily and put the broken thunder Dan into the jade bottle.

Yes, I have paid back the favor, and we will not owe each other in the future. Shen Yao nodded slightly, his expression unchanged.You can go, Shanghai said.I understand. Shen Yao exchanged a glance with Shanghai. He could see that he couldn\’t stop Shanghai, and he couldn\’t stop it, because he felt a breath that shocked him even more.If it weren\’t for Shanghai\’s purpose, he might really try to stop it, but it\’s useless now. Even if he does it, he can\’t change anything.The Reincarnation Artistic Conception of the Three Blessed Ones…Shenyao\’s cheeks twitched unnaturally. If Shanghai is still at the level of the Second World Zun Dzogchen\’s reincarnation, he would make a move. It can reach the third World Zun\’s reincarnation mood, plus a horrible physique comparable to gods and demons, and that Unparalleled physical strength, even he didn\’t have much confidence to stop Shanghai.Without saying anything, Shen Yao turned around and left.Shenyu suddenly panicked and hurriedly shouted: \”Shenyao, if you dare to go, if the ancestor knows, it will definitely destroy you, and you will regret it…\”The ancestors don’t care about me for the sake of the dead, besides, the true gods of the gods have fallen more and more in recent years… , I can\’t stop him either. Shen Yao said slowly.This sentence seemed to be speaking to Shenyu, and it seemed to be speaking to himself. As soon as his words fell, he cast his gaze to the other side of the void and took a deep look.In that void, there are six tyrannical auras similar to him, and the owner of the six auras also glanced at him. Both of them can see each other’s thoughts from each other’s eyes. They are the same as Shen Yao, Can\’t stop Shanghai anymore.Since it couldn\’t be stopped, there was no need to take action. The six auras hidden in the void also left one after another.Nanxuan Palace is worthy of being the overlord of a realm, and knows the way to advance and retreat better than the True Underworld God Race… Shen Yao sighed slightly, and his figure disappeared.Shenyao, you will regret it… Shenyu roared frantically.call out……Shanghai snapped a shot, cutting off his vitality without even looking at it. He cast his eyes on a large pit not far away, in which lies the half-dead Shenhai. At this moment, he kept coughing up blood and shards of internal organs, all over his body. It can\’t move even if it moves up and down.Shanghai……Shenhai spit out two words with difficulty, \”This time you won, but you will regret it. The power of the true gods is beyond your imagination. When you get out of the battlefield of gods, you will know that the gods of the true gods How terrible the anger is…\”This is your last words? Shanghai glanced at Shenhai.Hahaha… you will definitely step into my back, I just died early…


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