Chapter 365 Si Yu

Damn… Divine Art\’s expression changed. He never expected that Young Master Tun Xi could survive, but he was relieved after thinking that this old monster had lived for tens of thousands of years. He could live like this. Over time, naturally there will be some ability.Boom boom boom…The two giant hands kept hitting each other, causing a wave of terror.Shanghai secretly breathed a sigh of relief, Young Master Tun Xi seemed to have recovered. Although he is currently evenly matched with the Divine Law, the Divine Law is hurting. If the battle continues, the Young Master Tun Xi should be able to gain the upper hand, even if it cannot be slashed. Killing can also force the divine method back.I can finally relax. Shanghai\’s tight heart can have a chance to relax, but he didn\’t completely relax, but continued to absorb the best source of God.Shanghai… Young Master Tun Xi\’s voice came.Senior? Shanghai was startled.Recovering as soon as possible, I can\’t hold on for too long. This divine method seems to see that I can hardly maintain it and is desperately resisting my offensive… I can only hold on for half an hour at most, and this half an hour, if I want to kill him , It\’s almost impossible…I now only have 10% of the strength in the heyday, and it is difficult to seriously injure and kill him. Now I can only rely on you… Young Master Tun Xi said in a voice transmission.rely on me?Shanghai froze for a moment, and then smiled bitterly in his heart. Originally thought that he could take a breath, who knew that Young Master Tun Xi could only support it for a moment.Now the loss of itself is extremely great, even if it is restored to the ability of the heyday, it is impossible to force the divine law to retreat. After all, the realm gap between the two is too big.boom……There was a shocking sound.Shanghai…Leave here… Young Master Tun Xi hurriedly said.I saw that in the void, the black giant hand had been crushed, and Young Master Tun Xi’s body was broken up again, and this time the black energy was thinner than before. Although it had recondensed, his body also changed. It has to be erratic, and may disperse at any time.suddenly!Young Master Tun Xi was shaken away, the magical method was killed, and he pointed straight at Shanghai.Boy, there is no doubt that you will die. Divine Law roared, and pointed out, the entire void was pierced, and Shanghai located below, felt the surrounding void completely condensed, and the whole person seemed to be trapped in a quagmire. .It\’s over…Seeing that a finger is about to penetrate his head, in Shanghai\’s desperation, an inexplicable aura emerges from the sea of ​​consciousness, and a series of primitive meanings emerge. A beam of light is approaching the extreme, and it is difficult to describe how fast it has reached. To a degree, it shuttles through the void, shuttles the world, shuttles everything…


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