The sharp teeth were blown apart.

Except for a few people who look calm and calm, the others are all looking eager to try and become servants. Just taking a low-grade god source a day is already very exciting, let alone being able to use the gods in the city. Some special secret realms to practice.As soon as the general\’s voice fell, there was already a strong one leaving.Come on.Me first!Get out of the way and let me go first.Many powerhouses in other worlds started to compete for me, of course, they also took two steps and were overwhelmed by the pressure constantly emerging in the body on the spot, and this kind of people was naturally eliminated directly.Shanghai was okay. She didn\’t feel much pressure, and Ming Yuyan looked as usual. Neither of them rushed forward, but continued to wait.Of course, there are also many powerful people in other worlds waiting.Soon, the first group of powerful people from different worlds began to step onto the steps. Just as they stepped onto the first step, hundreds of people suddenly shook, as if being struck by lightning, their bodies stiffened and fell directly on the steps. ,NSLater, he was thrown out by a different force.Only a dozen people stood on the first step, but their faces were rather ugly, and they still gritted their teeth and continued to move forward.The second group of powerhouses from different worlds have already rushed up, and a large number of people have fallen on the steps, leaving only a fraction of the people who continue to move up.This change caused a lot of uneasy feelings among the strong people in the different worlds, because they didn\’t know what happened, why so many people were eliminated directly?However, there are still people who have reached more than 20 steps, which gave those who were originally lack of confidence a little more comfort, and immediately continued to follow up.This step is weird.This is a level of qualifications. If you don\’t have enough qualifications, you can\’t pass it. Shanghai do you know?Xuanzu guide.Shanghai smiled faintly. At this moment, he was strangely aware of some weird gazes staring at him around him, his brows could not help but not only one person, but many people within the range of perception. What puzzled him was that he was staring at him. Human movements are hidden, but they belong to different small worlds.After secretly leaving a snack, Shanghai said: \”Let\’s go, let\’s go up.\”


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